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GreenQuest Lawn
11-19-2006, 02:45 PM
This person owes me money.........think ill get it? :rolleyes:

Should I take a check? :laugh:

Problem is they are friends of ours.............. :confused:

A Nunica woman on probation for embezzling from a youth football league last year was expected to be arraigned today in 58th District Court on new charges of deliberately writing five insufficient fund checks.
Wendy Ryther,30, of 11506 Apple was to be arraigned today on a charge of larceny of $1,000 to $20,000 under false pretenses, a five- to seven-year felony.
The most recent charge against Ryther stems from four checks she allegedly deposited or cashed at Fifth-Third Bank branch in Ferrysburg and a check she cashed at a Fifth-third Bank and Norton Shores branch in June. The checks, totaling $6,200, were from a Lake Michigan Credit Union account in Ryther's name. In all five cases, there were insufficient funds in the credit union account to cover the check amounts.
In May, Ryther was sentenced for embezzling more than $5,000 from the Tri-Cities Youth Football League over a five-month period last year. Ryther was sentenced to 18 months probation and fined $6,791 on a charge of embezzling more than $1,000 but less than $20,000. Ryther was charged after the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety conducted a three-week investigation and found Ryther, a former president of the youth league, had written several checks from the organization and made deposits into her credit union checking account.
Public safety officials said the checks were written between August and December 2005.
Detective Curt Theune of the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Department said he was contacted this month by Fifth Third Bank investigators this month after they were unable to settle the insufficient fund deposits and withdrawals made by Ryther. According to bank records, Ryther allegedly made two deposits of $200 and $2,200 on June 2 and 16 at the Ferrysburg Fifth Third branch and made withdrawals five days later. She also allegedly cashed a $500 check and a $1,500 check from her credit union at the Ferrysburg Fifth Third branch June 19-20.
Theune said Fifth Third records also indicate Ryther allegedly cashed an $1,800 check at the Norton Shores branch June 19. Theune said charges in Muskegon County area not expected.

DC Service
11-19-2006, 03:18 PM
How much does she owe you :confused: ? I would get cash :)

GreenQuest Lawn
11-19-2006, 08:32 PM
How much does she owe you :confused: ? I would get cash :)

I wont see it......they will surely lose everything, they owe so much money, trucks getting repossesed, house may get forclosed on, ect. I never knew they were so far gone. I only wish they would have told me they were having trouble........I would have gladly done it for free (was only 5 apps of fert) But the fact that they diod not say anything is what makes me so mad.

I stopped after 2 apps cause of non payment so its only $145.00

Glad I stopped.

I will just write it off as bad debt. There is no point chasing it.