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Thread: Dixie / Generac Help -- Charging Problem, Engine to Deck Belt, & Front Caster Bending

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    Dixie / Generac Help -- Charging Problem, Engine to Deck Belt, & Front Caster Bending

    I am having some issues with my 05 Dixie 72" deck with the 33 HP Generac.

    Problem 1 - The battery is not charging. I have tested the battery and it is fine. I have to hook an external charger after each mow or the mower will not start because of slow cranking. The starter is fine and not the problem because if I charge the battery for a while it will start right up. While the mower is running the battery is showing 12.4 volts but a tech told me that was not an accurate way to check the charging system. How can I troubleshoot the stator and the regulator/rectifier so I don't have to unnecessarily tear off the flywheel shroud? The battery cables and terminals are clean.

    Problem 2 - I have replaced 3 engine to deck belts and the mower has 290 hours. Is that normal? 2 belts actually broke and the recent one I replaced because of multiple gashes in the belt. I am using OEM belts, I have checked and the pulleys are not damaged, I keep the blades up to speed when mowing and don't slip the belts. I don't think I have it adjusted too tight. Any ideas?

    Problem 3 - I have bent two front caster forks just by the front wheel getting caught in a rut or low spot in the yard. I have not hit anything and they have bent enough to cause uneven cutting. Has anyone else had this problem? The local dealership told me that bending is not considered a break. If it affects the cutting isn't that a break? Should this not be covered by the Lifetime frame warranty? After I disputed the warranty issue the dealer said they could probably get it covered but I would have to pay them the labor because I wasn't qualified to replace the fork. Does every dealer conduct simple warranty items like this?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    It sounds to me like you need a qualified Dixie Chopper tech to troubleshoot and repair your charging problem.it could be as simple as a blown fuse,dirty connection,or a bypassed seat switch.your belt problem could be an aglinement problem,again I can not see your unit to confirm or deny this.Dixie Chopper has always had the " you break them we buy them,you bend them you buy them" on the front castor forks.With the best warranty in the industry,Dixie Chopper's warranty policys are more than fair.
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    The belts are not normal,not sure what brand belts you are using,but a quality Dayco is what Dixie used to use as OEM,sometime in the last few years they went to a chinese made belt,that im told is just as good,yet the belts i bought that are made in china last about 1/3 the hours as the american made dayco.....Try to find a good center rib belt...Ive had better luck with napa belts than Dixies new belts....and they are about 60% of the cost of Dixie....I never minded paying big $ for a Dayco before at the chopper dealer,because you knew youd get 1000+ hrs out of it...

    AS for the casters.I know exactly what your experiencing...my old choppers do not do this,as they have more positive castor,(offset) due to the 13" tires....around 2004 they went to a castor with lvery little offset,my diesel chopper has these with its 15" tires,they are terrible...they follow ruts,and get caught on a 1"lip when running along a blacktop driveway...On top of that they are weaker than the old forks....not sure if you have room between your deck and tires to run the old style forks,if you do,thats what id buy,they new style forks are a letdown in performance and durabilty.

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