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Thread: hourly rate for skidsteer

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    hourly rate for skidsteer

    hey just bought a new bobcat skidsteer . what is the going rate per hour for the operator and machine that everyone is getting? does different states charge differently. i live in pa. would be appreciative on people getting back to me . thanks kickin grass

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    as always depends but here is what I charge,

    I have a Cat 246 skidsteer and the min. I take it off the trailer for is $100 for that I also allow 30 mins and then $85 hour after that.

    That is not operating time but total time I am on the job, the clock starts when I kill the motor on the truck and does not stop till it fires back up. If you don't do this you will lose money as most people want to talk and that is fine but it is costing them $85 hour.

    Remember you have drive time and wear and tear on the truck, trailer and skidsteer to pay for, in the begining you think you are making all kinds of money but then stuff starts wearing out.

    Hope this helps


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