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Thread: shrub trimming rates

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    Nov 2001

    shrub trimming rates

    I was wondering what the going rate was for trimming shrubs and cleanup.Do you charge by the hour or by the bush?I try to make x amount per hour on anything I do.Thanks.john
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    Dec 2001
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    In my part of the world, I charge by the hour. It doesn't matter if we are trimming shrubs or pulling weeds from flower beds. My rates don't change. Grass cutting is based on the same rate, but with a minimum start price.
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    Same here hourly rate stays the same no matter what we do....

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    i can only get by with 30 an hr here for trimming shrubs. maybe more in nicer areas but i wont do it for less than 30/hr

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    I charge one hourly rate for ALL service (except fert & snow plowing)

    The way I see it if was to charge $50 per hr to mow then have to charge $40 for lets say tree and shrub pruning, and $30 for weeding, Why the heck would I want to do anything else but cut. The equipment still costs money while it sits.

    No matter if I am pulling weeds with a 5 gal bucket or mowing on my 10k mower the charge is always the same.
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    Sep 2002
    I have different rates for different types of work. Mowing, mulching, plowing, plantings, stone spreading are fixed rates per job. Hedges/shrubs, clean-ups, weeding and misc. yardwork are done hourly only.

    My base labor rate is $35/hr. If I'm running any equipment, the rate goes up according to the cost of the equipment and how hard it is on the operator. String trimming I add $5/hr to the base rate, chain saw and hedge work $10, etc. all the way up to $75/hr for TLB work.

    I don't see how anyone can charge the same rate for weeding beds with hand tools as they do for running a $20K piece of equipment.
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